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ada accessability guidelines

About the New Standard

Lifts, Stairs, Sloped Entry & Pool Access Chairs

On July 26, 2010, the US Department of Justice released updated ADA Standards for Accessible Design. Among the updates for a number of facility types were new requirements specifically for public swimming pools. The level of accessibility depends on the size and type of the pool. For pools under 300 linear feet in size, the ADA Standard for Accessible Design calls for one means of access, which must be either an ADA-compliant lift, or a sloped entry. Pools with greater than 300 linear feet of pool wall must also have a second means of access. This second means can either be another lift or ramp, or it can also be a transfer wall, a transfer system or pool stairs.

This new federal regulation will affect the lives of more than 16% of the US population, which is made up of citizens that have some kind of disability, thus creating the largest minority group in United States.

How do I Become Compliant?

ACCO has everything you need to become compliant with the new ADA pool access regulations. We supply pool lifts, stairs, transfer platforms and pool access chairs. We offer complete turnkey service that includes installations and training. We also provide design-build service for concrete sloped entry ramps.

The regulation provides detailed specifications for the pool lifts and slopes. We will work with you to help you detemine the best means by which to bring your facility into compliance and supply you with equipment that meets the ADA standard.

Equipment Sales

All of our access equipment is available for direct purchase. We also provide custom rails for ramp and transfer wall construction.

Turn-Key Service

We offer complete solutions for pool and spa access. Our turn-key service includes everything from consultation to installation and training. We will help you assess the available options and develop a solution that works best for your facility.


ACCO can provide engineering, permit filing and construction of sloped entry ramps, which are required on all public wading pools. We can render these services individually or as a complete package.

What Next?

Contact us for ADA consultation, equipment and installation.
Download our pool measurment guide for pool lifts.
Learn more about the new regulations.

Permitted Means of Pool Access
Pool Type Sloped
Lift Transfer
Swimming Pools - Less than 300 Linear Feet of Pool Wall X X
Swimming Pools - 300 or More Linear Feet of Pool Wall - 2 Means of Entry Required X* X* X X X
Wave Action, Leisure River, Other Pools where User Entry is Limited to 1 Area X X X
Wading Pools X
Spas X X X

*Primary means must be by sloped entry or lift, secondary means can be any of the permitted types.