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Going Green - Pool Water Treatment with Sphagnum Moss

Commercial Pools - Lease Programs

Flexible Options for Quality Equipment

ACCO has a variety of lease programs available that allow you to obtain the latest state-of-the-art equipment for use in a cost-effective manner. The process is easy, customizable and can be made to fit a variety of financial situations, letting you utilize the equipment when you need it most. Lease options are available for: The ACCO Bulk System, ChlorKing UV systems, Chemtrol Controllers, The ACCO Sweep Vac, and Stenner and Pulsatron Metering Pumps.

ACCO Bulk System Lease Program

ACCO Bulk System

  • Cost savings and increased safety
  • Bermed tanks where required by law
  • Customizable to your specific needs
  • No harsh vapors, mixing, handling and disposal problems
  • Click here for more information on the ACCO Bulk System

UV Systems Lease Program

ChlorKing UV Systems

  • Reduce chloramines
  • Lower chlorine usage
  • Prevent bad odors, eye irritation, and damage to equipment
  • 50–900 GPM models available

Controllers Lease Program

Chemtrol Controllers

  • Maintain pH and chlorine levels
  • Reduce operating and maintenance costs
  • Easy to operate
  • Overfeed safety timers

ACCO Sweep Vac Lease Program

ACCO Sweep Vac

  • Complete vacuum system
  • Easy to start, prime and use
  • Save on water, chemicals and energy
  • Ideal solution for removing dirt and debris

ACCO Pump Program

Metering Pumps

  • Stenner and Pulsatron models available

What Next?

Contact us to get started with a lease program that meets your needs.