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Sphagnum Moss Pool Treatment

Harness the power of nature with PoolNaturally® Plus and SpaNaturally® Plus for commercial pools. This revolutionary product uses the natural attributes of sphagnum moss to treat and condition pool water—reducing disinfectant by-products (DBPs) and ultimately reducing chemical costs. Your pool water and air will be cleaner, and swimmers and staff will be happier and healthier.

Key Benefits

  • Better Air & Water Quality for Staff & Swimmers
  • Decreased Disinfectant By-Products (DBPs)
  • Decreased Chemical Usage
  • No More Green Hair, Dry Skin or Faded Swim Suits
  • 100% Natural Product
  • Reduced Water Lines & Cleaning
  • Reduced Equipment Maintenance
  • More Stable Water
  • Affordable Initial Investment
  • Install in Surge Tank or Separate In-Line Chambers

Why Moss?

That nasty chlorine smell, which is caused by disinfectant by-products, has been thought to inhibit athletic performance, make it harder to breathe and cause skin and eye irritation. Certain strains of sphagnum moss have been shown to reduce disinfectant by-products by 74% in the water and 55% in the air, enhancing the experience for swimmers, trainers, coaches and spectators.

How it Works

Over 99% of bacteria in a pool live on pool surfaces, including the pool floor, walls, ladders, lights, and other submerged objects. These bacteria live within a self-generated protective coating called biofilm. In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, it is estimated that 65% of human bacterial infections in aquatic environments involve biofilm. This slimy, chemical resistant layer allows bacteria to survive and proliferate, protected from the effects of sanitizers and other pool and spa chemicals.

Laboratory testing has shown that moss demonstrates a number of unique characteristics that buffer and filter water naturally, and that moss has been effective in both inhibiting biofilm formation and in removing biofilm and scale from surfaces. Moss actively removes ions from water, like dissolved metals, and will replace and enhance the results of conditioning chemicals.

Using PoolNaturally® Plus and SpaNaturally® Plus makes chemicals and sanitizers more effective in balancing your water while reducing the amount of chemicals needed.

What Next?

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“We were looking for something that could provide our swimmers with a safe environment without the smell, itching, eye irritation and surface gasses that cause coughing. We were pleasantly surprised to see a huge improvement in less than 7 days and the complaints from the swimmers disappeared. What a great improvement! We also found out after a couple months that we were saving a lot of money with lower chemical usage. Our water clarity is tremendous and the working environment for the coaches has improved 100%!”

—Mark Crouch, Swim Coach,
Dowling Catholic High School

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Case Studies

Mankato YMCA
Macalester College
Chaos Waterpark
St. Louis Park JCC

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